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    Yesterday there was a shocking leak announced at Cloudflare. Discovered by Google Project Zero that have passed the information within the hour to Cloudflare. Due to a bug in the software Cloudflare has possibly leaked data. Because the leak is so enormous, it is possible that we are affected too. We bring you this message to advise you to change your passwords with us as well as large companies that use Cloudflare. (Discord, Teamspeak, TruckersMP, Google) Plus if you use the same password for other places you should change them too.

    In brief
    • The incident took place at CloudFlare, this is outside our servers.
    • Anyone who uses cloudflare is potentially affected. There is no certainty that we be part of it.
    • As a precaution, anyone logged to create new sessions, which is a precaution for everyone safety.
    • There is no data leaked to us as far as we are aware.
    • We recommend nevertheless to change your passwords as a precaution.

    The BBC has also published a article if you wish to read it :
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    Maintenance on 28th will affect the main teamspeaks & websites.
    Backup teamspeak and gameservers will not be affected. TS -> backup.get-gaming.net

    Kindly note that Voxility will undertake a mandatory maintenance on core equipment in order to upgrade the firmware. This upgrade requires a network equipment restart.
    Please expect service disruption of maximum 5-10 minutes during the following maintenance window: Tuesday 28th of February 2017, between 06:00 and 07:00 local time (Germany) or 05:00 - 06:00 UTC
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    Apollo Logistic's 75t Weekly Convoy

    Welcome To Apollo Logistic's Weekly Convoy

    Server: ETS2 EU#3
    Starting Location: Linkoping, Sag & Tre
    Ending Location: Vaxjo, BJork
    Start Time: 19:00 GMT (7pm UK Time)
    Convoy Route: imgur.com/a/FqILN

    75t Mod Link: drive.google.com/open?id=0B-NcU1oc6LoJMDlNbmkzVVd3ZUU
    [Credit To Forerunner]

    Basic Rules
    Always Follow TMP Rules
    Respect Each Other
    Cars are NOT permitted to take part in this convoy
    Follow the CC team's instructions at all times

    Contact Information
    Website: apollo-gaming.com
    Teamspeak IP: ts.apollo-gaming.com

    Apollo CC Management
    Jeebus & iHobbit
    Apollo Gaming - A Community For Gamers, Made By Gamers
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    Lady's and gent's,

    if you go on the farm check this carefully every single time to see if annything changed.

    These are the fields we own and what we seed. (please stick to it untill we tell you otherwise)

    Field 12: Canola
    Field 14: Soybeans
    Field 15: Sugercane
    Field 28: Barley
    Field 35: Wheat
    Field 52: Grass
    Field 63: Unknown (cannot harvest yet)

    Field 73: Unknown (cannot harvest yet)


    If we update the status of the fields we will let you know as a comment so keep your eyes open.

    Have fun all!
    Farming Manager

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