December Competition #1

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    • December Competition #1

      Hello Apollo Logistics.

      Following the exclusive Truckfest competition last month, We are offering the entire team of drivers not just one competition this month, But 3.

      This post is going to outline the first competition for all of you.
      Welcome to Competition #1 France.

      Between 1st December and 24th December, We are looking to hold a competition based in france, The competition is: Most loads hauled in france.
      The restrictions:
      Your job must originate and end in france,
      Cannot be delivered into the same city as taken from. (This means if you pickup a load in dijon, It cannot be delivered in dijon)
      may not use map mods that change the scale of the map.
      Can be in either, Base game, Promods, Vive La France DLC.

      All job submissions must use the WOTRDB Logit programme to submit the data.

      The winning rewards:
      The top 3 positions on Christmas Eve will be announced and provided a random steam key worth between £2.99 and £19.99.
      These keys have been provided by Riddle and I do not know what they are.

      Good luck guys.
      VTC Manager & Website Support.