December Competition #3 Part 2 (VOTING)

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    • December Competition #3 Part 2 (VOTING)

      Which paint design would you prefer to use in 2017? 31
        Our current paint scheme (0) 0%
        Option 13 (0) 0%
        Option 21 (1) 3%
        Option 52 (15) 48%
        Option 72 (15) 48%
        Option 92 (0) 0%
      Welcome to part 2 of the third competition and final of the year..
      You will have until the clock strikes 2017 (GMT) to decide upon the paint scheme to run with over the next year so please consider the option carefully. And please remember, If you do not vote and are unhappy with the decision made, its your own fault!!

      To view the possible paint schemes please click the links below.

      The poll is hard locked into VTC Drivers and Assessors only. (If you find you cannot vote please contact Riddle ASAP to get this sorted.)
      Any votes after the new year is welcomed in will not be counted (and you may still be charged.
      Calls cost £5.69 per minute and will last for approximately 20 minutes.) <--- That bit in brackets is a joke!!!

      (Options under poll)

      The options for the paint scheme are...

      Current Paint Scheme

      Paint Scheme 13

      Paint Scheme 21

      Paint Scheme 52

      Paint Scheme 72

      Paint Scheme 92

      Good luck to all entries.