VTC Rules (Updated April 2017)

    • VTC Rules (Updated April 2017)

      Due to the recent actions of some of the drivers where they are removing logit to drive faster then the allowed 110 limit imposed which can class them as reckless drivers (Regardless how little they stray lanes)
      we are going to introduce a full VTC system where everyone has to submit a minimum total distance of 5000km (3107 miles) per calendar month (For users that are actually unable to use logit, per calendar month will need to check in with DJ, Riddle or TruckingAustralia about permission to not submit for that month.)

      • Breaking any rule within TMP is against our core values within the VTC and Community.
      • Swearing on the CB radio ingame will be an instant dismissal as it reflects badly on our reputation as a friendly community for all.
      • Reckless driving will be met with a punishment relevant to the level of recklessness in the evidence. A TMP ban may be issued by Trucking Australia if severe enough.
      • drivers whom have additional Roles within the VTC must be in their relevant channels within Slack for communication purposes.
      • If Apollo are attending an event as a group. You are REQUIRED to wear our Tribal paint Scheme. Please refrain from tomfoolery whilst attending events as you are being watched by community management.
      • You must show the APL Tag within your name upon the TMP account system . For example [APL] Riddle

      Failure to follow VTC rules will be followed up with a 3 month probation and continued failure will lead to a suspension. (Example: 1 month driving ban from VTC)
      blatant refusal will be met with instant kick from company with full ban from the company for a year!

      VTC Management
      Riddle, Trucking Aus

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